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Dedicated to Adeline Violet Walton December 5, 2011 - December 20, 2020

Adeline was the most amazing soul that I have ever met. She will be missed every single day. This is where I will share all of the memories, stories about her life, and the journey that we are on as a family to seek peace and understanding until we meet our little girl in Heaven again one day.

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Getting the House Ready

So, we went to get the rental house ready today. It is so hard to think about moving into a house where Adeline is never going to be...

Feeling You So Strong

Some moments, some days I can feel your presence around me and it is so strong that I forget that you are not here on Earth with me....

Saying Our Final Goodbyes Our Home

Today Shane and I did something that was hard and both of us had big emotions as we said goodbye to the home that we once lived in. We...

Feeling Your Presence, My Sweet Adeline

Some days I feel your presence so strong around me. Some days if I close my eyes, your presence is so strong that I believe that you are...

The State of the World

I feel like we are at a key turning point in the world today. I am trying to say things without being political as this has nothing to do...

Allowing Myself to Mourn

Mourning is difficult for anyone. For me it is hard because I hate to cry. I know that this sounds dumb, but I hate feeling weak and...

A New Routine

I am sad, heartbroken, and want nothing more than to lie in bed and cry all day and night...but I know that my Sweet Adeline would have...

Reminders of My Sweet Adeline

One of the things that has really started happening for me is that I have looked and searched out constant reminders of my Sweet Adeline....

So Thankful for the Little Treasures

I am so thankful that so many friends and family are reaching out with little treasures. They are sharing videos and photographs with me...

Missing You, It Never Ends

Hey Sweet Adeline, I need to write to you each morning and each night. It helps me. It has become my therapy. Last night when you came to...

Trying to Push Through the Pain

It's a Sunday morning...the time that I dread more than anything. If only I had woken up earlier. If only I had done something different....

Another Saturday Is Here

Saturdays mark the last time that we did something fun together. I wonder, even though it has just been three weeks, if I will ever be...

All the Emotions

I feel like I am constantly going through emotional shifts that I can't understand. One minute I can laugh when I think of something...

Learning to Dream Without You

I had big dreams and big plans before the fire. I had applied to UC -- Berkeley for their PhD program. I had plans to become a professor...

The Stillness of the Morning

The stillness of the morning hours is something that I used to love. I remember spending so many days sitting on my back patio or my...

5 Years Ago

Five years ago, I would have never imagined the tragedy that would take over my life. I could have never imagined what life was like...

Triggers, Triggers Everywhere

Triggers can come in the strangest places. For me it can be a comment on FB, a FB post of someone else's, or it can be seeing something...

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