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Her Story

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Adeline Violet Walton was born on December 5, 2011, the fourth and final child to Shane and Amanda Walton, and the perfect piece to the family puzzle. Adeline was a vibrant little girl who was so full of life, accomplished beyond belief for her age, and the most wonderful human we have ever met. She loved with her whole heart and her hugs were truly one of a kind as she hugged with all of her love. 

Adeline loved unicorns, art, dancing, singing, acting, playing with her friends, having sleepovers with her besties (Leah, Braelynn, Delaynee, & Sofi), enjoyed time with her family, and was one of the most unique humans to have ever lived. She appeared in a TV show pilot for Peoria TV Show and was set to have a reoccurring role. Sadly, this was the only one of her roles that she got to fulfill before her life tragically ended in a house fire. She also was preparing to perform on a competition dance team, had performed with a professional ballet in The Nutcracker, and loved going to school in Canton, IL. She was quite the dynamic little star and we all miss her dearly.

One thing that we have found comfort in since her passing is how much good she was able to accomplish during her short years on this Earth. She accomplished more in 3,303 days than most people will accomplish in a much longer lifetime, as she never wasted a precious day that she was given. She was a friend to all that she met and loved spreading kindness. She even chose, on her own, to raise money for children in the homeless shelter to receive cookies her first year as a Girl Scout. Moving forward, Sweet Adeline's and ROK (Random acts Of Kindness) for Adeline will both be launching in 2023. Sweet Adeline's will be the first initiative through ROK for Adeline and will service children living in homeless shelters, providing them with birthday parties. ROK for Adeline will have a special yearly commitment package to promote kindness in her honor and will be have monthly kindness activities for individuals and/or families.  Please follow along as we prepare to launch! We look forward to building something beautiful with you!

Adeline Violet's Life: About
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