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Dedicated to Adeline Violet Walton December 5, 2011 - December 20, 2020

Adeline was the most amazing soul that I have ever met. She will be missed every single day. This is where I will share all of the memories, stories about her life, and the journey that we are on as a family to seek peace and understanding until we meet our little girl in Heaven again one day.

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Zappos...We Love You

So I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Zappos publicly because they are seriously amazing. I have been a Zappos VIP for years, actually...

Seeing the Worst in People

Today has been eye opening to say the least. Governor Pritzker is getting ready to sign a land mark civil rights bill and protections for...

Remembering the Simple Things

This will always be one of my favorite and most cherished photographs and the memories that are attached will always be memories that I...

I Don't Know How to Live

One of the oddest things about grief is that it affects you in ways that you are not prepared for it to affect you. For instance, I was...

You Will Always Be My Funny Valentine

Today was another holiday without my precious girl, but even worse it was a holiday that fell on a Sunday. It was 8 weeks ago from today...

Always Thankful, Struggling to Understand

I have always been thankful as a mom. Last year's Facebook posts were centered around the extra time that I considered a blessing during...

Not in a Good Place

Life has been a lot lately. I have a lot of deep harbored regrets and lots of anger over things and it seems to all be coming out now. I...

Precious Memories

As I sit here in my room, working on homework and putting together photo gifts for Valentine's Day, I am flooded with memories of my...

Ripped Apart

I feel as though my soul and my heart have been ripped apart. I miss the times that I had with my girl so much. This weekend, I was able...

Debilitating Sorrow

As I sit here tonight feeling the need to write again, I am certain that life has been quite cruel lately. I still can't believe that I...

Missing My Girl

There are some days when I am simply missing my girl. All that I want to do is to hold her and have her in my arms. I want to tell her...

I Talk About Her

I talk about her, because I am proud. I talk about her, because she deserves to be remembered. I talk about her, because she did amazing...

Trying to Understand

So, here I am being honest again that I just cannot understand what I am going through. I am trying my hardest to understand the why. I...

It's Always the Little Things

The things that hurt the most are the little things. Seeing a memory and thinking back to a moment where I had so much joy that has since...

Trying to Keep Busy

So, here I am alone and actually sitting here wondering what to do. I know that it is not healthy to sit and cry and think about all of...

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