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When It Rains, It Pours

So much happens on a day to day basis that I used to be equipped to deal with. Little things in life now seem like such big problems but lately two of the bigger problems have felt unbearable. I am working towards a resolution with managers, etc. with these companies and therefore I will not be posting company names unless there is no resolution and then I will not only be going public but will be going one step further and contacting both the Better Business Bureau and the IL Attorney General's office. I just can't deal with shady business practices and manipulation at the hands of others after we have been through so much. I am about to my breaking point mentally as I feel so mistreated and abused by these two companies.

The Car Dealership

My car was destroyed in the fire. It was a literal shell of a car and since we only had liability, it was necessary that we purchase another car. We wanted a camper so I went on the hunt for a truck or larger SUV that would handle pulling a camper. I found what I thought was a nice Toyota 4Runner. We took off for WI for our grief retreat within the first week of purchasing the new vehicle and because it was winter and we got stuck on a hill on some ice, we had to use the 4-wheel drive to power through. We put the car back into 2-wheel drive and parked. Then we went to start the car and it would not shift or drive and it appeared to be stuck in 4-wheel drive. I had to manually take it apart and force it into gear listening to the transmission grind, etc. Since this was within 30 days of purchase, I was very upset and they ended up taking a look at it and supposedly fixing it. Fast forward 6 months later and I go to use the 4-wheel drive to bring home our new camper. I noticed a weird dropping in the transmission while driving which was concerning and figured I would simply call the dealership the next morning. I put the car into 2-wheel drive and then went to grab a few things before leaving the house. When I got back to the car again it is stuck and will not drive. I am upset that I was taken advantage of and lied to. To top it off my left tail light has never worked properly and I have had in the shop multiple times and have been told that there is no problem. Something is wrong with the car and at this point there is little that the dealership can do that is going to remedy this. I am so upset and know that I was taken advantage of within the first weeks of when we lost our baby girl. It makes me sick and gives me so much anxiety to think about this situation. I am livid and just hoping that the GM of the dealership offers something that will give us satisfactory results.

The Pool Company

On April 1 we inquired with a company about a pool. I was told that I had to wait to talk to them when my husband would be available so we rescheduled for April 5. We talked to sales guy who made many promises, one of which was that we would have a pool this summer and that the average time that they were running for pool installations was 45-60 days, which was a lie. (We have since found out that people who purchased last fall are still waiting on their pools!!) We paid a large downpayment on the pool and were told it would be delivered by the beginning of June. As the beginning of June rolled around, we were told the middle of June, then the end of June, then the beginning of July, then the end of July, then the beginning of August, and most recently two to three weeks, then yesterday we were told that it would be delivered within a week or two at the latest....but then I got an email from the general manager. He was rude condescending and informed me that he was not going to deal with me so that he would just give me a refund. I have joined a group on FB where I see lots of posts and decided today to start a group with all of the people who feel that they are being screwed over. So here we sit, not pool for our kids, $8,000 less in our bank and still nothing to show for it after months and months of excuses and lies. I am hopeful that I will have my refund as promised but if not I will be contacting the Attorney General and the bank to discuss fraud. I am so upset and just feel defeated and sad.

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