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Thankful in the Midst of Horror

There are so many beautiful things that have happened as we have been going through our horror story. We have been blessed by an amazing community of support and people who have given us so much support. We have been blessed beyond means in different ways from different places.

This is Althea's huge smile with her amazing gifts from her ballet family. This is just one example of the kindness that has been bestowed upon us. There are so many things that have happened but this smile is one that I have finally been able to capture again.

My sweet Adeline, I miss you so much. Your daddy misses you just as much, so do Andrew, Althea, and Huxley. Everyone seems to tell us all the time how much your smile and giggle are missed. I wish that there was something that I could do to bring you back, something that I could do to make your life better. I needed you here with me longer, I needed years longer with you and I feel so cheated out of being your mommy. I miss you more than you could ever imagine and can't wait until I get to Heaven one day to hold you. I know that I have to be here to take care of your brothers and sister for a while longer, but I need you with my entire soul.

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