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Missing You, It Never Ends

Hey Sweet Adeline, I need to write to you each morning and each night. It helps me. It has become my therapy. Last night when you came to me in my dream it was beautiful and it was amazing. It was a weird dream as at first I felt panicked when I saw you walking away from me down a hall at a hotel. I went running after you and caught up to and got you some cereal. We talked. You told me that you loved me, you told me that you were happy and not sad, but you told me that you missed me. My sweet baby girl, mommy misses you so much too. All I want is to wake up to your sweet face and your amazing kisses. Thank you so much for visiting me in my dreams, it makes the days a little more bearable. It breaks my heart that you miss me as you are waiting for me. I don't want you to feel that longing and pain like I do.

This picture was taken on Christmas a few years ago. We had matching pjs and you loved it when we wore them at the same time. It was amazing to have a mini me, even if you were only here for 9 years. I miss you so much my sweet little girl. I miss everything about you. I miss making silly faces with you and being able to laugh so much. You were always so funny! You always made me laugh and smile. I am trying to share a happy memory today with everyone. So, I am going to share a little story that I shared at your service.

One day mommy and Uncle Tyler and Adeline were in the car. As we drove, Sweet Adeline came on. Adeline said "Uncle Tyler there should be a sweet Tyler song." Me asking "What about mommy?" Adeline responding "Mommy, you already have a song, Fat Bottomed Girls." So in honor of that, enjoy this little song.

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