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FINALLY....My Boy Gets His Trip

In December of 2014 I took Adeline on an amazing birthday adventure alone to California with just my mom and me. We went to Disneyland, saw the special Hollywood and Los Angeles sites, went to two of the beaches, and more. It was an amazing trip. A year and a half later, we took Althea on a special trip and a year and a half after that Andrew got to go. Huxley was due to go the spring that COVID hit. So, it has been a long time coming. Last year we could have went but I was honestly not ready for that. I just could not imagine traveling so soon to my loss of Adeline and having any fun with him.

He asked to get this unicorn at the gas station as we were leaving. He said that it reminded him of sis.

So, we pushed it back and finally took him this spring. We settled on Gatlinburg (which I honestly won't be visiting again until it's less political) and chose many fun things to do. There was so much to do and we had a great time, seeing so many things and getting to spend a ton of time just enjoying each other's company.


We started off our drive on a Thursday morning. We got to stop at Buccee's, let's be honest this gas station chain is just the funnest place to stop when you are traveling.

Cumberland Falls

We also got to eat delicious tacos and see Cumberland Falls.

After checking into the hotel Huxley and I got to go to an arcade. Day 1 really ended up being a great day even if the majority of it was spend in the car.

The next day, we got up bright and early to head to Dollywood. It was a great time getting to go there and spend the day together.

Then we went on a mountain coaster which was an incredible experience. I was a little too extra though as I was yelled at to slow down!


That night we swam in the hotel pool which was super fun and relaxing. The hotel had one of the nicest pools that I have ever seen.

On Saturday morning we got to have a cheesy breakfast at a place with singing and dancing chickens.

Then we went on this awesome mid-century relic called the Jurassic Jungle Cruise.

Cumberland Falls

We went white water rafting and exploring other areas of Tennessee.

Mellow Mushroom

We had a nice dinner and then went on our second mountain coaster.

Cumberland Falls

We also hit up Hillybilly Golf before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Cumberland Falls

The following day we spent the day on the strip in Gatlinburg. We did the Ripley's Haunted Mansion, the Earthquake Ride, and a 7D Theater. It was a really fun day that we finished by eating at Dick's Last Resort.

Dick's Last Resort

We again spent the rest of the day in the pool.

Dick's Last Resort

On Sunday we got up early and got on the road, only stopping for a little shopping along the way.

Dick's Last Resort

All in all we had an amazing trip that was fun but coming home was met with the same deep longing and disappointment that it always is when Adeline is not there to greet us.

Cumberland Falls

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