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My First Touch Dream...Thank You, My Sweet Adeline

Oh sweet Adeline, the touch dream that you were a part of gave me so much comfort. I sobbed when I awoke and realized that the selfie that we took did not exist in reality. However, to have that wet spot on my shoulder where I was sweating just like when you used to curl up in my arms was amazing. It was the most powerful dream that I have ever had in my life.

You came to me. You told me that you were okay. You told me that you were preparing a place for me. You told me not to be afraid and to be happy with your brothers and sisters. You told me how much you loved us all. We giggled, we shared, we touched, I told you that I never wanted to let you go and you reminded me that you are always with me and that no one could ever take that away.

Oh Adeline, I can't wait to have another dream where you come to me. I understand that you might not be able to visit me each night, I am sure that you are visiting the rest of the family and your friends, but I am so thankful for those few moments that I had that felt like we were together all night long.

Thank you baby girl, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

I had not planned to write another post today. In fact, I had planned on staying offline for the most part because I knew that today would be a tough hurdle for us to climb as a family...the two weak mark of the worst day of our lives. Adeline had different plans because I know that she knew that I would never not be able to share this beautiful moment with you all.

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