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Celebrating Althea and Huxley!

The past few weeks have been busy. Until last night, Shane and I had not slept in the same location in a week. It was crazy!

The waves of grief have been extra powerful lately. I feel as though I'm being sucked under and drowning as the waves threaten to consume me. I am broken in ways that I did not know that it was possible to experience brokenness. Yet, life is still offering me many good things that I have to celebrate.

I want to celebrate Althea today. She was in a place this past weekend, which is part of why life was so busy in those weeks leading up to the play. She did so well. In fact, it was hard to hear some of the people in the play but she was loud enough to easily hear. She delivered her lines perfectly and was able to truly be in character doing everything that she needed to. I am so proud of her and the fact that she was able to do so well.

Yesterday was also Huxley's football banquet. He was presented with an award and the coach talked about how there are a few kids that you will remember 20 or 30 years from now when you are asked about them. He stated that Huxley would be that kid because of his can do attitude and his always responding with "yes, coach" no matter what he was asked to do. To hear those things said about your child makes you feel pretty good.

Shane was gone over the weekend to dad's weekend with Andrew at the University of Illinois. I am always reminded that I have a partner who is the most amazing human when he goes out of his way to do things with the kids like a football game with Andrew, his dad, and my dad. Not many people could be the man that Shane is and I am so thankful that he is mine. I feel truly blessed.

This week, I have been really focussed on this song, California Stars. One of my favorite memories was my first ever trip to California with Adeline. I had never been in the state so to get to experience with her made the memories that much sweeter. I wish that she was hear for more travel and adventure firsts together, but I am so thankful for each trip that I got to take with her.

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