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The State of the World

I feel like we are at a key turning point in the world today. I am trying to say things without being political as this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with humanity. I believe that we at a crossroads where a decision needs to be made...will we be a society and people who are ruled by love or will be allow for the almighty dollar, hate and jealousy to be our rulers. As we move forward, I challenge each of you to think of the most pure and beautiful soul that you know. Now, think about what choice they would make. What would they choose? What would be the deciding factor for them?

(When you see me, know that I am just trying to my best to keep going in life and to make the world a better place as I believe that Adeline would have. Know that while I feel that my soul is literally being torn from my body and destroy, I am choosing to try my best to live for my precious angel. I know that she would have wanted me to be my very best in all things, whether it be in the way that I treat others, the way that I speak about different subjects, and the things that I say...I need to always choose the route that is me at my best. This is the path that I will attempt, but I am sure that I will regularly fail along the way because I am me...and well, we all know how I am. However, never hesitate to look at me and let me know that you will continue to forgive me...this will remind me of what is most important in life and what I need to focus on and keep in my sights.)

When I think of these things, it is Adeline that I think of. Rather than stating something hateful, I am choosing to offer facts and education. I am choosing to be different and to try to listen more and understand the other side, even if it is a side that I am 100% against, I should show that person the respect of listening so that in the future they might listen to my opinions as well. I can't expect everyone to care what I think if I am not taking the time to show that I care what they think.

We all have to pick and choose a side for each of the issues in a debate. This does not mean that we have to 100% agree with one side. That does not seem like a true reality. You're never going to 100% agree with another's not possible. So, the game is learning to pick and choose the issues that are most important to you. It is learning to use these issues as the basis for deciding what you are going to support. Most of us have probably voted for more than one party in our life times in at least one election, even if only for something simple like school board.

We are all guilty of disagreeing and reacting in anger, of wanting to change someone's mind so bad that we let this desire cloud what is most important....our relationship with that person. Don't let differences stand in your way of friendships and relationships. Sure there are going to be core values that you are not going to budge on and some of these might feel like differences in morality (and sometimes I 100% believe that they are) but not one of us is inherently pure and not one of us is inherently evil...we make the conscious effort to listen to the good thoughts and pursue those ventures or to listen to the bad thoughts and react in anger. I know that I am guilty of this often and to anyone who I have ever disrespected in any way, I am sincerely sorry. I appreciate that you have stood by me until now and that you are still considering me a friend, even if I have not been a good one. This journey after losing Adeline has made me reevaluate many things. I make a conscious effort when I see posts about things that upset me, is it worth the friendship, can I speak with respect about the subject without being offensive, or is this person not someone that I really know and is more of an acquaintance so no need to see these types of things.

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